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What is Web Hosting and what is included?


Web hosting is a service offered by a web hosting company such as Website Revolution where we provide the storage for your website files on our Webservers for the purpose to have your website accessible via the internet 99.9% of the time 24/7.

Our Web hosting fees includes only the following:

  1. 1 cPanel account for one Domain with the allocated Web-hosting package from the available 1Gb, 3Gb, 5Gb, 10Gb, 20Gb, 30Gb & 40Gb.
  2. Up-to 20 domain mailboxes setup by us or by yourself.
  3. cPanel Management by us or yourself where access is available on request.
  4. cPanel & WordPress Security Updates every 5th day.
  5. Updating Plugins and software running on your website.
  6. Performing 1 site edit on per month and on demand.

Site-editing is limited to the replacement of images & or text within existing content blocks & pages, addition of new content blocks & pages is not part of your Web hosting service & will be done at extra cost.