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What is an Online Shop and what is included?

Website Revolution e-commerce

An online shop AKA ecommerce website is a website where products or services are priced and comes with call to action buttons to buy now, order or add to cart through the use of an ecommerce software installed, setup and running on the website, Website visitors would send one or more items to cart, then checkout by entering their details which will be used to dynamically author the Order that would then be emailed to an email address provided during the same checkout process.

Ecommerce setup will include:

  1. Home page
  2. About us Page
  3. Contact us Page
  4. Terms & Conditions Page
  5. Returns & Refund Policy Page
  6. Shop Page
  7. Category or Department Page
  8. Single Products page
  9. Cart Page
  10. Checkout Page
  11. Client Registration or Login Page
  12. Client Account Dashboard
  13. Shop Manager Dashboard
  14. One-Test Product created
  15. Shop Manager Back-end Training

Website Revolution offers Online Shop Development that helps you launch and sell your products online quickly; we train you to Self-manage your shop for yourself from anywhere anytime by simply logging-in to the back end of your online shop via a web browser from your laptop. An online shop comes with 3 recurring fees plus 1 once-off fee which are: Domain Renewal, Web hosting & Ecommerce software fees and the once off Ecommerce Setup Fee.