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Invoicing System for Small Business

Invoicing System for Small Business

Order Invoicing System for Small Business, Installed & setup on our  your own website & using your existing web-hosting storage. Send professional branded Quotes & Invoices & keep track of Clients, Payments & Products.

Costs R50/Month x12Months = R600 (which renews every year) + a Once off Setup fee of R400.

Product description

Self-Hosted Invoicing System

Easily Login directly to your Invoicing System anywhere anytime.
It's easy to Login to your Self Hosted Invoicing System, simply type this link onto a browser address bar: ( replacing 'your-domain' with your actual domain) then press enter & use your login credentials to sign in.

Easily Appoint others to do the invoicing work for you or with you.
Easily add a new user and assign the privileges for their access level.

Easy Invoicing.
It's easy to create new invoices with some simple clicks: add saved products, set tax rates and sent your Invoice via email or download your invoice in PDF format then send it via WhatsApp.

Quotes for Customers
Send Branded quotes to your clients. They can approve it with a single click from the Invoicing System web-panel so you can start to work on the project or deliver the listed items.

We customize your Invoice installation to suit your needs.
For an extra setup fee of only R400 once off we can customize your Invoice Installation to make sure it will fit your needs: Your Logo, Address, Terms, Footer Information with your Payment Instructions, currencies, taxes and quote or invoice templates.

Track all Payments.
Enter Payments for Invoices and keep track of the client's balance. All payments can be linked to an invoice to track the payments with different payment methods for them.