Cloud Invoicing System

Order a Cloud-Hosted Invoicing System, Installed & setup on our web server & using our existing web-hosting storage. Send professional branded Quotes & Invoices & keep track of Clients, Payments & Products.

Pay R600 (which renews every year) + a Once off Setup fee of R400.


Here are some Optional Add-Ons for this order.

There’s really no rush to add anything else to a start-up website besides what you have already selected above unless your budget allows the extra cost & if your priority is to DO IT RIGHT FIRST TIME.

Website Copy writing services.

Website copywriting is the process of sourcing or creating content for a customer's website like blog posts, landing pages, product or content pages or blocks in order to prompt a desired action on a website. Well-crafted website copy can turn visitors into leads and leads into customers. Select this option if you do not have text for your website, or if you have but need your content to be restructured for SEO and conversion. Website content refers to the Text & Images used in the process of designing your website, Text content comes in Product Content, Services Content & Legal Content such as About us information like Our History, Our Vision, Our Mision & Our Values. Image Content comes as Product Images, Product Flyers & Services Images used in sliders & banners.

Company Profile Design.

A company profile is used mostly by service offering companies to look for sub-contract work at big project sites like construction sites, add a 3-5Page Company Profile Design for the indicated price, R150 per additional page thereafter.

Custom WhatsApp Buttons (Advanced)

Get Up to 10 Customized WhatsApp Buttons linked to content blocks or product blocks on your website. Your clients only need to click the button then click send, you will know exactly what the client wants and also have their contact number.

Your services or products

Please type a list of all the services or products which you offer in your business on each line.

Enter a list of all the services or products which you offer in your business each separated by a comma.

Product price: R1000.00
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Upfront Invoice payment of the above displayed price is required before commencement of work, No-Deposit only applies to a full Website or Online Shop Combo order.

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Self-Hosted Invoicing System

Easily Login directly to your cloud Invoicing System anywhere anytime.
It's easy to Login to your Self Hosted Invoicing System, simply type this link onto a browser address bar: then press enter & use your login credentials to sign in.

Easily Appoint others to do the invoicing work for you or with you.
Easily add a new user and assign the privileges for their access level.

Easy Invoicing.
It's easy to create new invoices with some simple clicks: add saved products, set tax rates and download your invoice in PDF format then send it via WhatsApp or email.

Manage your customers on the cloud.
The application provides CRM-like management for your customers. Enter contact details, notes or add custom fields for your own details like project identifiers.

Quotes for Customers
Send Branded quotes to your clients. They can approve it with a single click from the Invoice Plane web-panel so you can start to work on the project or deliver the listed items.

We customize your Invoice installation to suit your needs.
We can customize your Invoice Installation to make sure it will fit your needs: Your Logo, Address, Terms, Footer Information with your Payment Instructions, currencies, taxes and quote or invoice templates.

Track all Payments.
Enter Payments for Invoices and keep track of the client's balance. All payments can be linked to an invoice to track the payments with different payment methods for them.