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  • upgrade my hosting account, downgrade my hosting account
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At Website Revolution, you can upgrade or downgrade any of the following hosting accounts:

  • 1000MB Website Hosting
  • 1500MB Website Hosting
  • 2000MB Website Hosting
  • 2500MB Website Hosting
  • 3000MB Website Hosting
  • 4000MB Website Hosting
  • 5000MB Website Hosting
  • 10,000MB Website Hosting
  • Freelancer Hosting

This can be done in the Client Area ( by going to ‘Services’ -> ‘My Services’ -> ‘View Details’ -> ‘Management Actions’ -> ‘Upgrade/Downgrade’.

The upgrade order will generate a pro-rata invoice for the remaining days of the month. The upgrade will be completed as soon as this invoice has been settled.

Please contact the billing department if you have any queries regarding your account.

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