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CIPC Company Registration.

cipc company registrations

Start officially using your trading name today, includes the following steps:

You will get your registration Documents via email attached with the following:

  1. Welcome letter from the Commissioner of the CIPC
  2. Registration / disclosure certificate - COR14.3
  3. Notice of incorporation - COR14.1
  4. Notice of incorporation - Initial directors - COR14.1A
  5. Memorandum of incorporation - COR15.1A (PTY) Ltd

Your next step after registering a company with CIPC?

5 steps you can take after we have registered your company.

  1. Register for VAT.
  2. Get a business bank account.
  3. Keep your bookkeeping up to date.
  4. Know what tax requirements you need to follow.
  5. Get your business online.
  6. Renew your CIPC & SARS annual returns on time every year.

Activating my business tax number after registering a company.

Follow these easy 8 steps:

  1. Register for SARS eFiling HERE.
  2. Select the correct taxpayer from the “Taxpayer List.”
  3. Navigate to the “Organizations” tab.
  4. Open the “Organization” menu.
  5. Select the “Organization Tax Types” sub menu.
  6. Tick the applicable tax type.
  7. Enter a tax reference number.
  8. Select “Register” button.

Getting tax clearance after registering a company.

How can I get tax clearance after registering a company?

How to request your Tax Compliance Status via SARS eFiling

  1. Selecting the Tax Compliance Status Request option and the type of TCS for which you would like to apply. You will have the following options: Good standing. Tender. ...
  2. Complete the Tax Compliance Status Request and submit it to SARS.

Order a Website Here.

A business website is made up of your Domain name, Web Hosting from 3Gb, 5Gb, 10Gb, 20Gb or 40Gb and Web Page Design put together as a Combo.

Order a Website Here.

An Online Shop is made up of your Domain name, eCommerce Web Hosting from 3Gb, 5Gb, 10Gb, 20Gb or 40Gb and eCommerce Setup put together as a Combo.

Discover what makes up a website?

Website Revolution’s website design is Search Engine optimized and mobile friendly as well as fluid on all devices, we design websites with a theme choice that’s relevant to your brand and content that represents the goals and values of your business.

Order Website Add-Ons.

What is an Online Shop and what is included?

Website Revolution e-commerce
Website Revolution offers Online Shop Development that helps you launch and sell your products online quickly; we train you to Self-manage your shop for yourself from anywhere anytime by simply logging-in to the back end of your online shop via a web browser from your laptop.

Get an Online Shop Now

  • Do you want to Sell your goods / services via your own Online Shop?
  • Do you want your site visitors to browse & add products to Cart then Checkout?
  • Do you want the freedom to Add, Delete or Edit products & services for yourself?
  • Do you want your clients to select their prefered method of paying you?
  • Do you want the Free Training to manage your online shop yourself?

Website Revolution will develop a complete Custom Themed Online Shop for you and create as many categories as you need then add 1 placeholder product on all categories for testing and training purposes, after that we will train you and your shop manager to manage your Online shop and guide you on how to add the rest of your products yourselves anytime you want by accessing the shop backend.

We will also train you on accessing online orderes, managing then and making use of Discounts & Special offers.


  1. eCommerce Hosting + Domain paid every year from R1500.
  2. eCommerce Setup fees from: R8000 for Products bassed ecommerce & R6000 for Service bassed ecommerce.

A Product Basses Ecommerce (PBE) is having toungable products displayed with Image, description, price with a Buy or Add to Cart button intergrated with a Cart summery page and Checkout page that eventually summerises the clients order on completion and emails the order details to you and the client. 

A Service Basses Ecommerce (SBE) is having Services displayed as digital products or none-toungible products with an Image & description and a price range where the client must select available service options to get a price displayed or a price Enquiry with a Buy or Add to Cart button intergrated with a Cart summery page and Checkout page that eventually summerises the clients order on completion and emails the order details to you and the client. 


  1. Home, About us & Contact us Pages
  2. Terms & Conditions Page (Copy Writing not Included)
  3. Returns & Refund Policy Page (Copy Writing not Included)
  4. Privacy Policy Page (Copy Writing not Included)
  5. Shop, Category, Product, Cart & Checkout Theme Pages
  6. Account, Registration or Login Theme Pages
  7. Shop Manager Dashboard
  8. One-Test Product created
  9. Shop Management Back-end Training

If you are too busy to setup your initial list of products yourself, we can do that for you at an extra cost of R35 per product, this includes Product Title, Description, Images and price, excluding product flyer design &or product photoshoot if needed.

Find out how we manage to deliver a quality Website so quickly.

Website Revolution is a ZACR accredited domain registrar, we author custom themes, and we build, design, implement and publish from the same server therefore saving time and resources which in turn translates to Quality, Speed & Affordability.

Cloud Invoicing System

Keep track of Inventory, Quotes, Invoices, Payments

  • Create your own Inventory by registering Products or Services.
  • Register customers & issue them Professional Quotes & Invoices.
  • Send Quotes & Invoices Branded with your company's Logo.
  • Cloud-Hosted Invoicing system that resides on your own website.
  • Cloud-Hosted system using our existing Web Server & on the cloud.
  • Login from anywhere anytime.
  • Create User Accounts for your Staff with Admin Priviledges as you.
  • Create accounts for your Clients to View & Approve Quotes & Payments.
  • Create User Accounts for your Accountant with read only privileges.

We can install & setup the Cloud-Hosted Invoicing System on for only R400 once-off, and your Annual renewal of R600 will be added to your Website renewal.

Learn how we deliver quality websites at a fraction of the cost.

We deliver World class Websites, Functional and user-friendly Online Shops developed to complement your brand, all this at record time of up to 120Hours.
Website Revolution Quality at low cost

CIPC Compliacne Services

Our 7-Step Efficiency Process.

We send you a Quotation and if you approve it, we will complete your website by the second day then Proofreading should be done by the fourth day and finally payment must be done by end of the fifth day.

Available Web Hosting Packages.

All our Web Hosting comes with:

Up-to 20 Mailboxes | cPanel Security Updates | WordPress Security Updates

Extension & Plugin Updates | Premium WhatsApp & Phone Support | Free Usage coaching

1 Site-Edit per month for existing content